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Paper or Tablet?

Times have changed. With the influx of new technology and social media, will actual printed newspapers soon be a thing of the past? In South East Asia, we conducted a survey amongst 25 people of various nationalities between the ages of 25-35. Approximately 2 out of 5 people say that they still read the newspaper. However, the digital wave has had an impact on their preferences with 88% of the individuals admitting that they prefer reading the news online because it is both convenient and better for the environment.

When asked about their favourite news channel, 40% chose the BBC, 24% picked CNN whilst only 8% liked Al Jazeera. Around half of the participants in the group state that Fox News is their least favourite channel. Sports is the most read section with 28% of the readers saying that it is the subject they are the most interested in. It is closely followed by 24% preferring to read the entertainment section.

Paradoxically, 60% of the individuals believe that there is a future in the newspaper industry, stating that printed newspapers hold a sense of history and culture in their pages which cannot be conveyed across a screen.

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